Independence Day Weekend Activities

Independence Day Weekend Activities
June 29, 2011

Like most Americans, you're probably eagerly anticipating the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Independence Day commemorates the approval of the Declaration of Independence, officially severing the original 13 American colonies' ties with Great Britain, which occurred during the Second Continental Congress on July 4th, 1776. As soon as the following year, celebrations began to commemorate that historic date with parties, parades, and fireworks. This year's three-day-weekend will be full of those same fun activities as well as barbecues, carnivals, baseball games, picnics, and more!

Here are a few patriotic items from Safer Wholesale
that can help make your holiday more festive:

  • Show your patriotism with this durable Outdoor Decor and More flagpole kit! Made from only quality materials.
  • If you're mounting the flagpole on a dock or deck these solid aluminum mounts attach with strong bolts.
  • Nylon Flag dimension: 3' x 5'
  • Aluminum Pole dimension: 78 1/4'' x 1 1/2'' OD
  • Price: $47.95

  • Compatible with all Velcro blowers!
  • 18 ft tall
  • 18" diameter
  • Velcro
  • Non-Rip 190T Oxford Fabric
  • Color: Uncle Sam Patriotic
  • Painted Graphics (eyes and mouth)
  • Price: $399.95

  • Decorate your tree or garden with our American Flag Wind Spinner
  • It's professionally hand-painted and great for the yard, garden, porch, or even in the house
  • It's decorative and fun for the yard
  • Kids love them!
  • It would even make a great gift for a very patriotic person, or good for a 4th of July party
  • Assembly is required, but its quick and easy!
  • Price: $15.95

  • Will flutter & flap with even the slightest breeze
  • Slightly over 15 feet tall, you will be visible from blocks away!
  • Surface stands are made of durable long lasting steel and will hold up during inclement weather
  • Flags are made of super knitted polyester
  • 2' 5 1/2" wide x 11' 5 3/4" tall
  • Sewn in sleeve designed to slip effortlessly over the flagpole.
  • Price: $109.95

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Many families plan vacations to coincide with the holiday, taking the time off of work as an opportunity for a weekend getaway. But if you can't find the time or money to travel this weekend, there's plenty of fun to be had at home as well. Backyard barbeques are a popular choice for home bound celebrations, as are pool parties - sometimes both at the same time! Summer is the best time of year for motorsports, so you might take the long weekend as an opportunity to go off-road and explore your local area.

Check out these great ideas from Safer Wholesale to make a holiday weekend at home just as much fun as a vacation:

  • Porcelain-coated firebox
  • Primary Cooking Surface: 391 sq in; Secondary Cooking Surface: 189 sq in; Total Cooking Surface: 580 sq in
  • Burners: 3 x stainless steel tube burners
  • BTU (per hour input): 30,000
  • Ignition: Push-button ignition system
  • Price: $449.95

  • Durable water proof polyethylene cover
  • High quality, rust resistant steel framework
  • Ideal for commercial or recreational use
  • Walls attach with Velcro for easy assembly/ removal
  • Four sidewalls with large pane windows for maximum light and viewing
  • Price: $599.95

  • Engine: 90cc Air Cooled 4 stroke
  • Max Power: 8 HP
  • Max Torque: 18 FT LBS.
  • Ignition: 12v CDI/ Kick Start
  • Transmission: Semi-Automatic
  • Brakes: Rear Disc
  • Price: $574.95

  • Engine type: 250cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling, Automatic with reverse
  • Rating Power: 10.5kw/7000rpm
  • Max Torque: 17.6N.m/5500rpm
  • Transmission Mode: Automatic Chain Drive
  • Start: Electric Start
  • Max. Speed: 43.5 mph
  • Price: $2989.95

  • Engine: 150cc Air Cooled 4 stroke
  • Max Power: 10 HP (EST)
  • Max Torque: 22 Ft lbs. (EST)
  • Ignition: 12v CDI/ Electric Start w/ Key
  • Transmission: Fully Automatic With REVERSE!
  • Brakes: Front Drum - Rear Hydraulic Disc
  • Top Speed: 45 mph
  • Price: $1399.95

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