24"x22"x65" Decorative Avian White Roman Play Top Parrot Bird Cage

24"x22"x65" Decorative Avian White Roman Play Top Parrot Bird Cage

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24"x22"x65" Decorative Avian White Roman Play Top Parrot Bird Cage

Choosing the perfect birds cage for your feathered friend is always not that easy. Different birds have different figure and character. However, choosing birds cages for any bird, we should take some tips into consideration.
  • Select a cage that will provide your parrot with plenty of space.
    Bigger is nearly always better. The larger the breed of parrot, the larger the cage he will need to be comfortable. Tall cages are especially important if the parrot has long tail feathers. Choose a large cage while your house have enough space to fit it in.
  • Make sure the bars of the cage are thick enough to safely house your parrot.
    As with cage size, the size of the bird will ultimately determine how thick the bars need to be. Larger breeds require thick, sturdy bars, as they can quickly bend and ruin thin bars. Thinner bars are adequate for small parrot breeds.
  • Choose a cage of durable construction.
    Parrots have powerful beaks and often chew cage bars. Therefore stainless steel or powder coated cages are better than those that are brass finished, painted, or coated with PVC. Never house a parrot in a cage made of wood, bamboo or plastic. Most parrots will destroy these cages in a matter of hours.
  • Check to make sure that the bars are well-spaced for your parrot.
    Do not house a parrot in a cage where his head will fit through the bars. This can cause the bird to injure himself.

Here we offering is a White Vein Roman Play Top Parrot Bird Cage.
This super play top parrot cage has a unrestricted top play area with perch, ladder and feeder bowls. Large front door with snap lock provides easily access. There are three interior feeder bowls so that you can feed your favorite parrot dry food, wet food and water at the same time without messing them. Furthermore, there are two metal slide-out trays. One on the play top and one on the bottom of the cage. Getting rid of the mess becomes an easy job.


  • Non-Toxic Epoxy finished safe for bird.
  • Strong metal wire Bar that big parrots can not bend.
  • Rectangular Tubes constructed Main Frame for more steady.
  • Open top play area with Perch, Ladder and two Stainless Steel Bowls.
  • Durable Snap Lock on front door for convenient access.
  • Three locking Feeder Doors for fast feeding.
  • Three interior stainless steel Feeding Bowls for dry food, wet food or water.
  • One interior wooden Perch for more exercise.
  • One more interior wooden Perch for spare.
  • Lower removable Grate for easy cleaning.
  • Top and bottom metal slide-out Trays for easy cleaning.
  • Tall Stand for higher cage situation where birds love to stay.
  • Four durable Swivel Casters with two Locks for mobility and fixing.
  • Dimensions: 24in. W x 22in. D x 43-1/4in. H
  • Total Height including Stand: 65in.
  • Bar Spacing: 5/8in.
  • Bar Thickness (mm): 3, 4, 5
  • Please make sure the bar space of this cage is well-spaced to your bird size.

This Cage is recommended to fit below breeds of birds:

  • Caiques
  • Cockatiels
  • Pionus
  • Poicephalus - Senegals
  • Meyer's Parrots
  • Jardines
  • Red-bellied
  • Conures -
    Sun, Gold Cap, Blue Crown, Jenday, Green Cheek, Nanday
  • Other Similar Size Birds

Package Includes:
  • 1x Cage Main Frame
  • 5x Stainless Steel Bowls
  • 3x Perches
  • 1x Ladder
  • 1x Removable Grate
  • 2x Metal Trays

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