Electric Powered Pallet Jack - Gel Battery Motorized 4,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Truck - AW20S

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Electric Powered Pallet Jack - Gel Battery Motorized 4,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Truck - AW20S

The Electric Powered Pallet Jack - Gel Battery Motorized 4,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Truck - AW20S is a new product developed by Hangcha for warehouse and logistics applications. With the state-of-the-art permanent magnet brushless drive technology, and the 48V system, features advanced performance, comfortable operation, safety and reliability, and low maintenance cost, and is an ideal vehicle for loading, unloading, and handling palletized goods in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops and homes.

Features & Specifications:

  • HCFA Model: AW20S
  • Manufacturer's type designation: CBD20-AMC1
  • Operator type: Walkie
  • Rated load: 4000 lbs
  • Load centre distance: 24"
  • Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork: 37.8"
  • Wheelbase: 53.4
  • Service Weight(Including battery): 750 lbs
  • Battery weight: 176 lbs
  • Tyres: PU
  • Tyre size, front: 9.9x3.1
  • Tyre size, rear: 3.1x2.5
  • Wheels, number front: 17"
  • Tread Front: 17
  • Tread, Rear: 15.7
  • Lift: 4.7"
  • Fork height,lowered: 3.1"
  • Overall length: 68
  • Overall width: 26.8"
  • Fork Dimensions: 2.0/6.3/45.3"
  • Distance between fork-arms: 22"
  • Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase: 1.2"
  • Turning radius: 58.4"
  • Travel speed,laden/unladen: 2.5/3.4 mph
  • Lift speed,laden/unladen: 5.3/7.9
  • Lowering speed,laden/unladen: 8.3/7.5
  • Max Gradeability,laden/unladen: 8/15%
  • Drive motor rating S2 60 min: 1.07hp
  • Lift motor rating at S3 15%: 1.07 hp
  • Battery voltage,rated capacity: 4x12/50 V/ah
  • Type of drive control: DC
  • Manufacturer: Curtis
  • The three-point support design is applied, and side support system and elastic auxiliary wheels are provided to guarantee safety and reliability.
  • With optimized design, the lifting rod is steady and reliable, bearing small force.
  • All plug connectors are imported and waterproof, and all wires and cables have reliable protection, which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.
  • The cutting-edge hydraulic power unit features low noise, small vibration, and stable and reliable rising and declining.
  • Stamping molded fork has higher strength and impact resistance, with even higher working e ciency by working together with the fork-tip guiding function.
  • The interlock switch is of non-contact proximity switch, with extremely high reliability.
  • One-piece iron wheel hood offers good protection to truck body against external impact.
  • The REMA tiller of latest development is simple but reliable and beautiful, and all operations can be done easily with one hand.
  • Truck structure of optimized design guarantees terrific operating view of the truck.
  • Built-in charger and rubber enclosed maintenance-free battery are very convenient for use.
  • With small sizes, the operation is easy, flexible and extremely convenient, and the upright-tiller running function allows it to work within confined space, such as container.
  • Standard height of fork is 3.15”, and guiding device is added to facilitate access and exit of pallets (including closed-deck, American, European double-deck pallets).
  • With integrated battery assembly, and nylon guiding device is added at base plate for easy battery replaced by laterally moving the device.
  • As standard configuration, charger cable manager allows easy charging operation and quick cable collection.
  • The load capacity is 4500lbs, which can satisfy the handling demand of most customers, with 6h battery life.
  • With stronger power, full-load gradeability of the truck can reach 8%.
  • It is equipped with permanent magnet brushless drive motor, with excellent performance, and a new 48V power supply system, with extremely low heat generation.
  • The latest CURTIS permanent magnet brushless control system offers excellent, high-efficiency, and stable control performance.
  • Regenerative brake of the truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.
  • Controllers, tiller, switches, plug connectors, battery condition meter, timer and other important parts are all of renowned domestic and abroad brands.
  • Integrated machine hood, smooth lines, full of dynamics, in compliance with environmental requirements.
  • Frame and fork of stamped steel plates, solid and reliable.
  • Release braking, reverse braking, and three types of emergency braking can ensure safety of traveling;
  • Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.
  • The emergency reversing button at top of the tiller can avoid the driver from injury effectively in case of emergency during backward driving of the truck;
  • Dual protection with electronic lifting limit and smart controller limit of standard configuration avoids impact when fork is lifted to top end of mast, offers effective protection to working motor, and guarantees safety of
  • goods.
  • As standard configuration, built-in charger and maintenance-free battery require no maintenance work.
  • Battery indicator will prompt the user to charge the battery timely.
  • Engine cover can be opened fully, and all components and parts are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for maintenance of the entire machine.
  • All rotating shafts are equipped with lubricating sleeve and oil cup, which is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life.

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